Sal’s pebbles

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Nine in the morning: eyes are dropping,

Skipping along shredded sidewalks with eyes popping,

Intrinsic pebbles lined by four year olds,

perfectionism consuming their souls – how will they know?

Comes along Sal-

Said: Imperfection is the morale,

washing down their dreaded frowns,

into a pebble crown,

with the build of a pebble gown,

to reveal their potent Goddess,

On a monday morning in August.


Analysis of the Poem

-Throughout the first week of August, my friend Saleha and I took part in a Next Generation Pakistan (NGP) affiliated programme at CNS Trust School teaching underprivileged children basic subjects like english, history, art, etc.

-The general concept of the poem is that being ‘imperfect is the morale’, because being perfect, for all humans, is essentially impossible. We all make mistakes and errors throughout our lives. So, as the children try to do go about their day with ‘perfectionist’ attitudes, in reality the imperfections of their work is really what makes them unique and individual from each other. It adds to the beauty and serenity of it all. Since their eyes are ‘popping’ in the second line, this portrays how they’re very enthusiastic to learn new attitudes and ideas – as they routinely do not get such a privilege.

-The pebbles portray the steps that they must take throughout their lives, e.g. one pebble could portray being born, while another could portray enrolling into Primary school, and another could be making new friends. Lining them up in sequence portrays them trying to line up the passage of events in their lives in chronological order. So essentially the more pebbles that they line up, the more they are progressing through life.

-By making a ‘crown’ and a ‘gown’ out of pebbles, it essentially means all the imperfect decisions a person makes could lead up into something beautiful and perfect (in this case, a Goddess – that is Saleha). So these imperfect steps could shape something extraordinary.

-Thus, this is the lesson that the Goddess (Saleha) is trying to teach the kids. That it is okay to be imperfect. Although we aim for perfection, it is known that we will never reach it no matter how hard we try. Being imperfect really encapsulates and portrays their true beauty as a human being – because we are all imperfect individuals.

Dedicated to: My close friend, Saleha Munsoor.


3 thoughts on “Sal’s pebbles

  1. Really impressed with such a wonderful stuff , just at the first attempt. Marvellous indeed !
    Keep it up Ammar. A renowned poet in the making. Masha’a ALLAH !


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