my worst inspiration

Debating life with a head held high,

Consumed in your soul: arrogance and pride,

Strolling the court with the entitlement of a God,

How will your lovers know that you’re a fraud?

What you lack in values,

You have made up in volumes,

Of liquor and beer: encompassing your existence,

The persistence of optimism should be invested into the distance,

between you and your fans,

like that between Brazil and Japan,

What I discovered now is the joke that is your presence,

So walk away with your ego and your golden crescent.

Be gone!

I have chosen to see no more.

I will count to three,

find the nearest drugstore,

that is where YOU belong:

as a self-professed,

pseudo intellect.


5 thoughts on “my worst inspiration

  1. You’re a real disgusting pile of trash. How about you go back to college instead of terrorizing kids and trying to trample on their dreams?


  2. You aren’t fooling anybody, the objective of your comment is to convince yourself you aren’t pathetic. Not impressed. Getting into Princeton isn’t enough sometimes.


  3. I hope unnecessarily being a jerk and a bully makes a huge difference to your life. Princeton doesn’t make you the expert on who gets to write what and for what purpose. Grow up.


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