Which of Where She Belonged

I ambled into the conservative house with a petit mind,

watching stray cats and greeting a kind

of creature that seemed lost but was very found,

thinking of the day where it could meet the crowd

which would welcome it with open arms

heal its brittle bones and piercing shards-

of glass that would not succumb to its progress,

but instead reference it to those who are clueless

of the life they wanted to survive in

but settled for the kind that they could not win with

where the beast grew up with a fulfilled brain

the type which cannot be publicly shamed

and then it became a her

because she had found one she had truly deserved

she embodied all that she knew of

the games, the clues, the person she thought of

who belonged to a stunning gallery of friends all the while,

the ones absorbed in an old dainty snide,

that were mocking but truthful too,

realising who she was, laughing at the view

of herself that she thought of alive

resonating the future that holds compromise,

all this time in her unlocked mind


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