a poem to a baby empress

Oh how sharply you sit: adjustably on your marvellous throne,

you are an empress, The Empress, the goddess and more,

the alluring royalty that bangs onto father’s door,

Said: ‘Daddy! Daddy! I can’t survive like this!’,

Replied: ‘Oh empress, how you have already accepted your role within’,

then the empress caught up to the mirror broken to shards

Shards, and shards, shards that was woven into cards

Resembling a game that only peasants could play: feudalism doesn’t work this way,

little princess didn’t know this,

oh sweet princess, please know this,

that the life you were given is the life you sway,

the life you walk with by is the life you may

keep and dream of another time of the life you say you wish you had,

but in reality, you love the pain – you explore the exploitation: only you have had

it all; but you don’t see this. Please see this, sweet princess,

see the life you crave,

the life you say you don’t need,

but the only one you can save.


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