The Fox’s Chemical Passion

The fox rushes towards the flame

his fire-heart, the one he says

he is passionate about

he marches around

His lab with a mind of own,

albeit not willing to learn,

but does so too – because he cannot avert the words

that the superior repeatedly shoots out

And the fox, being familiar,

shouts the answer,

the answer to not the question-

but meaning of all life alike,

and to his own delight:

his intellect a wandering drama

that has won a plethora of oscars.

His poisonous tune – adores

the chemical awards

he has achieved.

Yet; so much more to his character and soul,

and mind too full to hold.

My peculiar friend; a fox,

who pounces about the world. He mocks

the social contract that we exhibit

but all he really desires is to inhibit

the view, the idea and the bullshit we confine ourselves to.

The charming fox-

a work of art.


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