Jenny’s Deception

Jenny, why don’t you like me?

Your curing smile – and your prude two-pin

clips, that catch the scene

The beauty of me, wrapped

in a box-notch day dream,

under a humble tree-

oh please.

Jenny, why do you hate me?

Is it my crooked smile and my overpowering bluets,

or the blood left behind from a scab that has washed down your shoes.

But you’re humble, and I’m just a brute

a brute can’t spawn amongst one who can shoot

wishes and answers, but what is the matter

when a man sides two and a brute can’t move

because of his stumbling thoughts.


please take away my thoughts.

Jenny, why do you look away?

I guess my aura is unsatisfactory,

or that you expected more,

more than what you got from treading my door

down with your claws and your anger

which is fuelled with the energy

I’ve loaned you – you have taken my thoughts

but none of which you’ve bought

because I gave them for free

and you took them for keeps

but now I have lost the sheets

to cover my face, my mind, all that is left behind

is my true being – my endless curfew

of nothingness and emptiness

Jenny, could you possibly relate?

To what I went through,

to what you saw new

and wanted to stray from

but now glad you stayed numb

to endure my ideas, my scrawny scratch

of thoughts you could have passed

down to the others, but you amassed

a sense of empathy – one that couldn’t last

Because I saw through your thoughts Jenny,

you took mine and I took yours

you thought you stole from me but I stole more

I deceived you and I lied with an open snide

laughing at the remarks, I cannot lie

about the comments that are thrown our way

and now you can stay

Jenny, you know we’re alike

With our bumbling bothers

and our discount fathers

who we don’t deserve

but push to the curve

with our cute manoeuvres.

I know you don’t want to get hurt,

neither do I,

but one day you’ll burn

yourself – hiding from the pain you wish

you didn’t have to hide


And now you’ve evolved

from a picked down ball

into kindness and deceptiveness.

But it doesn’t matter,

since you haven’t been shattered

because you protected yourself

all that ye may.

You now tread the way

followed by those with no shame

all in apparent good faith

around deception lane.


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