The Grand School

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Arrived in hidden satire: lost in thought

sauntered the sibylline corridors with dots-

of mud and grass, to which I passed

the floors traced by students amassed

in a package crew.

Indulged in flavour, I succumbed to the view

of my new life, my new life

buried in sight: the purple loosestrifes

that surrounded the grand school

with a football field, a swimming pool

Where my friends: Ahmad, Haider, Zaidi, Mohammad, Hamza, Sheharyar—

Too many to mention

fought on the pitch like Olympic superstars

despite the ongoing tension

of endless exams,

throughout the O’Level programme.

Now, I sit in my Literature class

usually, finding a way to pass

my time

not with the help of a catalyst, or an enzyme

but in a way that I can sublime

amongst my peers, my shadow, and this very rhyme.

Yet, I still remember my dated vision of Lahore Grammar School

grasping onto my prolific pen

as a machine tool

hoping every now and then

I can revisit the grand school

and perhaps, relive those moments again.


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