A (S)wan

The swan swam through

the capricious block of solution

the bristling distillation, so clear and narrow

like a honeymoon

wedded to the paddles of ponds

with the hydrogen bonds

which combined the two

into a universal truth.

The swan climbed mountains

as if it were climbing stairs-

turquoise stairs, and stairs

which held the outlook

of the swan, the water, and all ye care.

He forgot to nourish his glistening pebbles-

but he didn’t really. He just knew the

truth of existence before it meddled

with his destiny.

The swan is deceiving,

but we prefer excuses,

truthfully. He is slowly weaving

his fate — before he loses,

and regrets the treason

he carved himself to.

Silly swan, as we say,

but we are wrong. The swan

knows his destiny, and we do


The swan travels the world,

climbing stairs;

revealing a life considered a pearl.

Those same, empty, stairs,

immersed in purple lights..

What beautiful lights!


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