Navigating through this Blog + List of Literary Texts Analysed (STICKY)

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Throughout my blog, I have analysed different literary texts: short stories, poems, plays, and more. In addition, I have posted my own personal writings on this blog: short stories, poems, articles, and so on.

To navigate, you may either visit the homepage of this site by clicking on this following link: Alternatively, you may click on the header ‘Irish Scriptures’, and you will find yourself on the main page.

Once on the main page, you may either scroll through my blog and find manually the different texts I have analysed and personally written. Alternatively, you may click on the badge ‘Menu & Widgets’ (which is found on the top right-hand corner of this blog), and enter in the search bar the literary text you need to find. You may also enter the word ‘analysis’ into the search bar, and you will conveniently find all the texts that I have analysed.

I hope this blog has been and will continue to be of use to you guys (both academically and recreationally), and as always, you may reach out to me for additional help via email:

List of Literary Texts Analysed


  • Now Let No Charitable Hope by Elinor Morton
  • Song by Alun Lewis
  • Last Lines by Emily Brontë
  • Versus Written On Her Death-Bed… by Mary Monck
  • Rooms by Charlotte Mew
  • I Find No Peace by Sir Thomas Wyatt
  • Requiem by Robert Louis
  • The Migrant by A.L. Hendriks
  • The Forsaken Wife by Elizabeth Thomas
  • The White House by Claude McKay
  • The Border Builder by Carol Rumens
  • On My First Daughter by Ben Jonson
  • These are the Times We Live in by Imtiaz Dharker
  • Sons, Departing by John Cassidy
  • The Uncles by John Goodby
  • Amoretti, Sonnet 86 by Edmund Spencer
  • Death by William Bell Scott
  • The Vanity of Human Wishes by Samuel Johnson

Short Stories

  • The Village Saint by Bessie Head
  • Games at Twilight by Anita Desai
  • Journey by Shirley Geok Lin-Lim


  • ‘Death of a Salesman’ by Arthur Miller – Act One.

2 thoughts on “Navigating through this Blog + List of Literary Texts Analysed (STICKY)

  1. Good work Ammar! I don’t find a single place where you have not enlightened me, though perhaps as a long-term Stevenson-lover I am prejudiced. I find no place — not one — to disagree with your careful and perceptive anaysis..


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