Greetings! My name is Ammar Hammad Khan (positioned far left in the picture above), and I am a current student at Lahore Grammar School Johar Town (Senior Branch for Boys), which is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. I am currently completing the Advanced Level programme at the aforementioned institution and along with numerous other academic disciplines I learn, I study Literature in English in which I have grown a predilection for over the past year.

The uses of my blog are numerous. Needless to say, I absolutely love the written form of expression which explains my original venture for developing a blog. I have written numerous articles, poems, and short stories. The links to my poetry and short story collection is available under the header ‘Irish Scriptures’ on the main page of this website.

In addition, I have began writing multiple analysis’ for literary texts which are found both in my high school curriculum and outside of it, as my appreciation for literary works extends far beyond the boundaries of an academic syllabus. My critical appreciations have gained attention on an international level where I gain visitors from all over the world, which includes: Mauritius, the USA, India, Malaysia, Iraq, along with 50+ other countries. Not only does this give me great pleasure in knowing that my work is being read by people from across the world, but also gives me an incentive in being consistently productive in my venture: which provides students with informed in-depth analysis’ and evaluations.

A message to all the students: Keep going! Literature in English may seem like a daunting discipline, but it is definitely an area of study worth learning and developing an insight to. All the best for the students, and for the rest, I hope you continue to enjoy my work!